An analysis of the marketing research on automobile companies

Brown became one of the popular textbooks during this period. Further complications are added by uncontrollable environmental factors such as general economic conditions, technology, public policies and laws, political environment, competition, and social and cultural changes.

Felicitating the customer is important in Supply Chain Suthikarnnarunai, Marketing is a very critical part down the value chain of the vehicle producing companies. Generally a value chain analysis begins with the identification of the various processes that are a part of the production process.

It includes customer support after the sale of the product. Defoe was a prolific publisher and among his many publications are titles devoted to the state of trade including; Trade of Britain Stated, ; Trade of Scotland with France, and The Trade to India Critically and Calmly Considered, - all of which provided merchants and traders with important information on which to base business decisions.

Ongoing marketing research programs provide information on controllable and non-controllable factors and consumers; this information enhances the effectiveness of decisions made by marketing managers.

This is the first step in the line of production. Several of the auto makers have their own showrooms and several operate through franchisees. Customers in international markets may have very different customs, cultures, and expectations from the same company.

This report covers activities such as car leasing, finance, contract hire, leasing, car finance and includes a wealth of information on Managing the Supply Chain successfully, helps to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Exploratory research information is collected by focus group interviews, reviewing literature or books, discussing with experts, etc.

These decisions are complicated by interactions between the controllable marketing variables of product, pricingpromotion, and distribution.

Value Chain Analysis of the Automobiles Industry

Car rental providers have a number of local branches and offices near airports, bus stops, railway station, and busy city areas.

Researchers often use more than one research design. Annual global sales of light vehicles, which include passenger cars and light trucks, total about 80 million, according to data compiled by Scotiabank.

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If we take the case of Toyota, it was the first one to introduce modern manufacturing techniques. In the recent years more focus has been on passenger safety, vehicle design, emissions control and several other factors that are influenced by technology like rider convenience.

comparative analysis of marketing strategies of automobile companies in india

It is conducted on data published previously and usually by someone else. But this is only one of the challenges that companies in this sector need to be aware of.

In this case, Marketing Research relies more on primary data rather than secondary information. With the advent of more social media networking websites, some companies are tapping into communities to gather important market behavior information.

These procedures are patented, given brand names, and marketed like any other branded product. Field services collect data through the internet, traditional mail, in-person, or telephone interviewing, and firms that specialize in interviewing are called field service organizations.

Innovation is the need of the hour The automotive industry is one of the biggest sectors in the world, which means there is no shortage of competition in this industry.

It discusses the outlook for technologies such as telematics-based pay as you drive PAYD It is why HR management is an important focus area for all the vehicle brands.

101 Marketing Project Topics for MBA Live Projects & Internships

There are also support activities that support them and which include: Methodologically, marketing research uses the following types of research designs: It includes the organizational structure, culture, management, finance and other resources. Market share, growth rate, and competitive factors are also evaluated for market leader This can result in better products, plus higher sales and revenues for companies who best use the research data.

There would have to be a high surge in the income levels if the developing world has to compete with the developed world Sutherland et al, In conjunction, the domestic vehicle fleet for consumers and commercial users alike has Here is a value chain analysis of the automobile industry that outlines the various processes which are a part of its value chain.

How and by what method a company decides to conduct a market research plan is dependent upon how objective or anonymous the company wishes to remain.

April Learn how and when to remove this template message Marketing research does not only occur in huge corporations with many employees and a large budget. Managers make numerous strategic and tactical decisions in the process of identifying and satisfying customer needs.

Marketing Strategies of Indian Automobile Companies: A Case Study of Maruti Suzuki India Limited Automobile Sector To understand the Marketing Strategies of Maruti Suzuki India Limited III. REVIEW OF LITERATURE research and before launching a product the Maruti. MBA/BBA Projects, MBA/BBA Project Topics, BBA Project Topics, Training Report, Free Download Projects, Project Report MBA, Finance Project, Project HR, Marketing Project for all universities IGNOU.

Tesla Inc.’s (Tesla Motors Inc.) marketing mix or 4Ps (Product, Place, Promotion, Price) is analyzed in this automotive & energy storage business case study. PDF | This report is all about to show a Marketing plan for Nike’s products; with reference to older offerings the report shows the plan that how can Nike offer new products in the market.


Apr 14,  · The output of a SWOT analysis varies, but key data typically includes a comparison of financial muscle, strength or weakness of management teams, strength or weakness of marketing. Trends That Will Drive Change in the Automotive Industry in The past few years have witnessed the automotive industry taking huge leaps in terms of technological innovations.

GreenBook, The Guide for Buyers of Marketing Research.

Automobile companies are investing heavily in the latest technologies that can be incorporated into their machines.

An analysis of the marketing research on automobile companies
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