Bates manor marketing case

Nor is there any question but that one buying a business, as such, should require compliance with both the Bulk Sales Law and this sales tax section and withhold from the purchase price such sums necessary to cover these liabilities.

Great Southern objected to the amount of the attorney fee allowed to the attorney for the trustee. Personal liability attaches to the purchaser of the property as that person can best protect the state's interest and is in possession of the business assets which the tax debt is deemed to follow.

BatesManor has planned to introduce several new styles of living room and dining room furniture in His argument is based on the fact off of this specific product line. If it were otherwise purchasers could avoid successor liability simply by funneling the transaction through a third party.

There Standard Oil foreclosed on secured operating assets when its franchisee defaulted on lease payments and Standard Oil assumed ownership of the assets under its security agreement. The focus here is not on the liability of the "purchaser at foreclosure" for payment of sales tax.

It is important to have enough employees for the amount of work that is expected. Whether Bates has an action against Great Southern under the statute is a question we do not decide.

The reduced funds of cooperative advertising for BatesManor will diminish the amount of newspaper advertisements. This transaction appeared to be for the purpose of funding the prior agreement with the Carney family. Trade promotion is directed towards retailers and takes the form of catalogs, trade magazine advertisements, booklets for consumers, and displays.

We do not believe intermediate transactions are beyond the statute's purview and the legislative intent is not to so limit the taxing authority's ability to collect. The practical effect of today's decision is that purchasers at foreclosure sales are made liable for unpaid sales tax liability of the person conducting a business in the premises prior to the foreclosure.

There is no question that this statute gives to the Department of Revenue protection as to unpaid taxes similar to the protection afforded creditors and suppliers by the Missouri Bulk Sales Law, Chapter The loan agreement prepared by Great Southern, respondent's Exhibit 9, does state in the first "whereas" paragraph: The Department bases its claim on two alternative theories.

Sales representatives were the industry, Bates would like to see the call frequency be increased to 7 calls per account per year to match industry norms. To be a successor one must be a purchaser of the business property in question. Bates Manor- Marketing Case - Essay Example Marketing Case Recently Abatements Furniture merged with Lea Meadows and was faced with the decision with the economic sense of merging the sales efforts of the two companies.

Open Document. Below is an essay on "Bates Manor Furniture Case" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. The industry’s distribution of independently owned furniture stores have declined while furniture store chains have grown.

This is a negative for BatesManor because they sell through independent furniture specialty stores and these stores have declined. Cutco Case Analysis Questions. Parvaderm Corporation. First in Show Case Analysis. AMF Fundamental Marketing Management Documents Similar To Bates Manor.

Batesmanor Furniture Case Study

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Batesmanor Furniture Case Study

I. Factual summary: Company Overview: BatesManor Furniture, Inc. was formed by Charlton Bates’s grandfather in the early It is a furniture manufacturer of medium-priced to high- priced wood furniture with high quality.

Bates purchased the Manor Inn property and failed to require Cassity or Great Southern to produce a Department of Revenue receipt for sales tax paid or a certificate stating that no taxes were due. As Bates is presumed to be aware of the statutory requirements, see Bank of Commerce, S.W.2d athe shall be held to them.

Bates manor marketing case
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