Ikea case study on marketing

IKEA's Global Marketing Strategy

Untilthe company has about suppliers in the 54 nations, 21 per cent of which are Chinese suppliers. Therefore, they had to emphasize on taking corrective actions. InIKEA had to face significant protests and criticism for using ads casting gay couples.

IKEA's Global Marketing Strategy

Chinese competitors copied IKEA's designs from its catalogue and then offered similar products at lower prices It is more important what customers think about the company rather than the other way around.

The company also started performing local quality inspections closer to manufacturing to save on repair costs. The higher the price of a product, the better quality of the product. This could make its operations, especially distribution and logistics, a bit challenging.

This category of customers has relatively higher incomes, is better educated and is more aware of western styles.

Targeting this segment helped IKEA project itself as an aspirational western brand. These will demand a lot of capital and patience. However, the demand for basic, functional furniture has remained relatively constant, therefore there is less threat of substitutes in the near future.

As the industry is becoming concerned environmentally, many furniture companies are adopting strategies of going green. In addition, the company seemed to be completely incapable of understanding the impact of floating rate of currency cross-countries.

IKEA, famous for its flat-pack furniture which consumers have to assemble themselves, realised that understanding the local culture is important - Chinese people hate the do-it-yourself concept and Indians likely do so even more.

From product designs to its catalogs all are developed keeping local culture and tastes at the center. IKEA has succeeded in managing and maintaining long and well- established relationships with suppliers across the globe.

Apart from that an extended version of the catalog is available in the IKEA app. IKEA already has had to wait a long time to get permission to open stores in India. The two organizations are working together to address the root causes of child labor in several parts of the world including India and Pakistan.

Most unique and most successful among the tools used by IKEA to promote its brand are the promotional catalogs.

Couching tiger tames the dragon

For India to kick its economy back to the growth rates necessary for meeting the aspirations of its citizens, we need to roll out the red carpet for foreign investors instead of red tape. However, IKEA has designed its stores in a manner to provide its customers with an unforgettable experience.

Apart from everything IKEA invests in CSR and sustainability to improve its image and reputation in the society and among its customers. After a time, competitors reengineer and find out ways to imitate products. The cost of raw materials from Sweden was increasing, as Swedish currency was getting stronger against the US dollar.

He began by selling pens, wallets and watches by going door to door to his customers. In addition, there are many retailers in the market.

Couching tiger tames the dragon

It also assesses some lessons the company learnt in China that might be useful in India, where it plans to open its first store by and 25 stores in 10 to 15 years. This money was used to start up his own company, IKEA, which stood for his intials and the first letters of the farm and village in which he grew up.

Weaknesses The organizational culture of IKEA can be one of the demotivating factors for its employees. IKEA Case Analysis (Case Study Sample) Instructions: Instructions IKEA Case Analysis 1. How should Marianne Barner respond to the invitation for IKEA to have a representative appear on the upcoming broadcast of the German video program?

IKEA's International Marketing Strategy in China

MLA | Business & Marketing | Case Study | Case Study About Energy. Description: In order to deal with.

IKEA Marketing Strategy and practices: A Case study

IKEA Case Study: Strategic Marketing & Management – Gaining Competitive Advantage in an International Context Published on October 8, Stavroula Panagiotaropoulou.

This case study analyses how IKEA adapted its strategies to expand and become profitable in China. It also assesses some lessons the company learnt in China that might be useful in India.

Case study of IKEA. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: The company by name is “IKEA”. The following case study has been put in writing in the yearin Helsinborg, Sweden. Marketing Essay Writing Service Free Essays More Marketing Essays Examples of Our Work Marketing Dissertation Examples.

IKEA Case Study December 31, Marketing Brand Management The IKEA brand is the sum total of the emotional and rational values that consumers associate.

Global Presence and Management of the Brand (IKEA) The original store owned by IKEA was opened in in Sweden. The company has since expanded and opened stores outside Sweden in the subsequent years of its operations including Norway in and Denmark in

Ikea case study on marketing
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