Marketing strategies of bajaj motors

However, it is surprising that the promotional events did not influence any of the respondents to go in for a Bajaj Pulsar. The firm has unsatisfactory performance and has no opportunity to improve its performance and position.

They also admit that although the new Discover models cc and cc are selling in the domestic market, there is a wide shortfall. To strengthen the Tata brand and create lasting relationships with the customers by working closely with business partners to provide superior value for money over the life cycle Employees: Can work on structure to produce world class functionality.

During its early stages the auto industry was over looked by the government and the policies were also not favorable. Planned massive distribution network expansion to meet robust growth targets inadded new dealerships and upgraded 1, service centres by As compared to its competitors, the warranty offered seems to be too short.

B2C buying behaviour This mode of behaviour concerns consumers and their purchase of a given product. Normally, such attacks are practiced by smaller firms against lager firms.

It consists of offering average or low quality products at much lower price. Economic conditions change, competitors launch new assaults, and the buyer interests and requirements evolve. Marketing is further defined by the AMA as an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

First, the decision makers have to determine whether the objective is attainable, given the SWOTs.

TVS Motors Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy

But they can divide such markets into groups of consumers or segments with distinct needs and wants. New forms of marketing also use the internet and are therefore called internet marketing or more generally e-marketing, online marketing, search engine marketing, desktop advertising or affiliate marketing.

Tata Motors and Marcopolo, Brazil, announce joint venture to manufacture fully built buses and coaches for India and markets abroad. The challenger can exercise following strategies: It is very popular and widely used option to serve niches.

In the year that ended in MarchBajaj sold 1. The youth centric looks at the performance relates more to the status of a student. A firm in the market economy survives by producing goods that persons are willing and able to buy. The bike has a plush ride without sacrificing handling.

As an example, a marketing department could ascertain via marketing research that consumers desired a new type of product, or a new usage for an existing product. In MayTata Motors introduced ushered in a new era in the Indian automobile industry, in keeping with its pioneering tradition, by unveiling its new range of world standard trucks called Prima.

One thing to be noticed that Honda comp. They occupy second, third and lower ranks in an industry.

Project on Marketing Strategies of Bajaj

Tata Nano draws over 2. It is a side-attack rather than a front attack strategy. Obviously, it leads other firms in new product development, price change, distribution coverage, promotional activities, and novel experiments.

Each scenario requires a unique marketing strategy. The five main attack strategies — frontal attack, flank attack, encirclement attack, bypass attack, and guerrilla attack — are very broad. What major problems did you face at after-sales service of the bike.

For example, a firm can supply one or two components only to large companies. With the new project coming up on a regular basis the industry is undergoing technological change. The strategies taken by these companies for their product, promotion and positioning was studied.

To consistently create shareholder value by generating returns in excess of weighted average cost of capital WACC during the upturn and atlest equal to weighted average cost of capital WACC during the downturn of the business cycle.

Bajaj Auto to have sales, design and R&D personnel in Thailand

Adding New Product Lines: Launch of a new upgraded range of its entry level utility vehicle offering, the Tata Spacio. They range from schools to technical education institutes to actual facilitation of income generation.

Rs 67, — and the Hero Glamour — F1: The German inventor, Karl Benz constructed his first gasoline powered vehicle in at Mannheim, Germany. Figure 2 shows broad strategies for different competitors. The incidents of frequent boiler explosions also kept potential purchasers away. Marketing Strategies of TATA Motors is One of the Most Successful Marketing Strategies in Automobile Industry.

Tata Group- Diversification. Tata Motors. Tata Motors Ppt New. Bajaj Allainz. Segmentation.

Project on Marketing Strategies of Bajaj

Art as Alternate Investment. Adidas Brand Study. Amul: Brand Audit. Arts as Alternative Tata Motors which is struggling in passenger car segment started to run a new brand campaign with famous football player Lionel Messi.

Tata Motors Branding Strategy is our latest report. Taking such steps are helpful to match company vision and Various marketing strategies adopted by Bajaj for Pulsar over the years and their role in building the brand Pulsar were studied.

In the second section, analysis of the consumer behaviour for purchase of bikes, buying roles and decision making process was Marketing strategy: HONDA MOTORS ltd India is the second largest producer and manufacturer of two-wheelers in the world.

It stands next only to Japan and China in terms of the number of two-wheelers produced and domestic sales  · Bajaj Auto Limited Bajaj Auto Limited – Small is Better Bajaj Auto Limited was established in as a trading company and obtained its production license in It is India’s largest two wheeler manufacturers and was dominant player until the early Most of the Bajaj models come loaded with the latest features within the price band acceptable by the market.

External Factors Marketing Strategies The focus of BAL off late has been on providing the best of the class models at competitive prices.

Bajaj Auto Limited's Business Strategy - From Market Leader to Follower

Can invest and grow the life style

Marketing strategies of bajaj motors
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TVS Motors Marketing Mix (4Ps) Strategy | MBA