Rural marketing mba

This technique yields itself for application in many engineering or product designed areas so that the price can be kept at an affordable level. Development of TV networks and reasonable channels has enabled the marketers to pass on message about product and services to rural people.

notes on rural marketing

In the long run it brings problems. Q2 what are the factors influencing rural consumer behavior. Technological advances education and travel have considerable influence on culture and change the rural life style.

Package is an integral part of the product.

Rural Marketing

In a day the troupe covers about villages. Unit — V Distribution — Logistics Management — Problems encountered — a selection of appropriate channels — New approaches to reach out rural markets — Electronic couple applications.

Rural Marketing: Challenges Opportunities and Beyond

To the buyer price is a package of expectations and satisfaction. This segmentation is based on economy vice categorisation. Word of mouth communication is a process by which the messages are passed within group from one member to another member.

Rural Marketing Mba

These areas have to be explored by manufacturing and marketing men in the context of rural markets. The report also showed that only one in three households had a radio, the penetration of television and two-inone was even lower. Diversification occurs when a firm seeks to enter a new market with completely new product.

The market committee in consultation with farmers fixes the rates for different commodities. Price can be kept low by small unit packings. India is a country of many languages.

Brands of a product plays an important role to attract the rural customers because they mostly believe in the brands, just by seeing branded products they will purchase assuming that they will be satisfied by product. By such technology also the price can be reduced.

One in ten TVs is locally assembled. Power cuts are a norm in many parts of rural India. There is thus a need for the larger screen that most premium models provide. This is a popular channel option used by manufactures.

Rural Marketing

Definition: Rural Marketing. Rural marketing is a practise of assessing, persuading and converting the needs, wants, purchasing power of the customers into effective demand for products and service out for sale which would help in sufficing the requirements of people in the rural areas and thus increase the satisfaction levels as well as standard of living.

Hence an MBA Rural Management Distance Education is extremely necessary because professional help is provided through this postgraduate degree for the attainment of different tasks irrespective of which area they belongA MBA Rural Management Distance Education is a very diverse postgraduate level degree program because it provides knowledge.

EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE: Full time Management Graduate from a premier insititute - Specilaisation in Sales & Marketing with product management experience in FMCD - Knowledge of Optical business will be an added advantage - Strong exposure to rural markets and with products/service targeted towards the rural market - Have to be very good in.

Jul 09,  · notes on rural marketing. Discuss notes on rural marketing within the Marketing Management forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; hey guys i have got some good notes on rural marketing Advertisements.

MBA-H Rural Marketing 1 RURAL MARKETING “Rural Marketing is Real Marketing” Coming to the frame work of Rural Marketing, Rural Marketing broadly involves reaching the rural customer, understanding their needs and wants, supply of goods and services to meet their requirements, carrying out after sales.

Ans: Meaning of Rural marketing:Rural marketing is promotion of a company’s products in the rural markets by using strategies which differ from that of urban market. The rural market more price sensitive but it has preference quantity.

Nature of Rural market Large, diverse and scattered market:Rural marketing in India is large, and scattered into a [ ].

Rural marketing mba
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