Target market of air asia

Market segmentation example for airlines

Malaysian Tourism Industry Forecast to CRM is a tactical approach that enables company to generate long term profit from the sustainable customer relationship.

During the growth stage of a new market or a new product, competitor will also enter the market with similar products or services and competition will become increasingly evident.

Around this core vision, AirAsia brand insists on six different values: CRM integrates the marketing strategies and information technology to create long term profitability that derived from relationship with customers.

Safety is the most important objective as both the company and consumers are affected by it as indicated in Table 1.

Air Conditioning Systems Market

As suggested by their segment name, they are highly brand loyal to a particular airline wherever possible. From hubs located in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, more than flights operate to 61 domestic and international destinations utilising a fleet of 72 airplanes AirAsia, b.

Tourism Marketing: the Example of AirAsia

The market mix elements during in the Growth phase are as follows. The standards set by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning and ongoing technological advancements are escalating the growth of the region.

It is also the first airline in the region to implement fully ticketless air travel and unassigned seats.

Middle social class Value-for-money: AirAsia should work with more partners to obtain a better price so that its customer will be able to get better deals. For example, AirAsia recently switched its fleet of aircrafts to Airbus, which minimises petrol consumption and thus costs.

Lower social class Usage rate: Bargaining Power of - Average as it can be high in certain areas but low on Suppliers others. In general, Malaysians emphasize on savings and as such demand for AirAsia would rise. This is because the current economic climate has caused consumers to be more price-sensitive and often search for the best value AirAsia, e.

AirAsia is now well-known and recognized as a low-cost airline. You just need the booking name and the booking number. As such, daily flight frequencies on certain routes should be reduced.

For example, low-income earners who are planning to go on a leisure holiday would have the ability to continuously monitor ticket prices to ensure that they can attain the cheapest price. Customer satisfaction and high customer numbers is the core of company earnings.

Market segmentation example for airlines

Market attractiveness from a macro perspective It is not really a product modification but more an extension of the market in copying the same model in different Asian countries and in opening new routes. With a more customer-oriented staff, customers will not spread negative word-of-mouth, thus improving the image of the airline.

First, their strategy is to emphasis on their advantage, the low price; and they succeed to create a strong brand, even though their diverse subsidiaries, around a unique name and an only image.

EasyJet is now a mature product whereas AirAsia is still in the growth phase because the Asian market is fuelled by a consumer demand for low-cost air travel but we will see if there is an incidence on the brand positioning. Urgent travelers Urgent travelers are infrequent users of airlines and generally represent a fairly small market segment in terms of size.

A Marketing Analysis Of Air Asia Marketing Essay. Print Reference this Airasia is also able to grow the market share in the Southeast Asia and had introduced the low-cost long-haul carrier whereby can offering the passenger cheaper fare.

Airasia is using the Profile Strategy which is using different messages in target all the. Identifying Your Target Market. Posted By vectairsystems Wednesday, 3rd February, Choosing the right target market. So you have developed an air freshener for example, that you think is unique and truly cutting edge.

Who though, are you targeting? Retail, commercial, ’s, males, females? TARGET MARKET ANALYSIS AirAsia may use segment bases such as demographics, socio-cultural and user related segmentations to segment their market. Firstly, under demographics, income is one of the variables which the firm may use to segment their market.

Income is the capability of the customers to travel with ArAsia as they from different income groups are attracted to different airlines. Dec 30,  · The name of the company, AirAsia, and its development in all the different countries of Asia is the proof that they target people from all Asia.

They try to respond to a domestic demand.

Identifying Your Target Market

Concerning their subsidiary AirAsia X, the target market is not the same as they try to attract people from Australia, Europe and Middle-East who want to. By type of equipment, the air conditioning systems market includes window, portable, cassette ACs, split, chillers, single packaged, and airside air conditioning systems.

Split air conditioning systems are the most preferred kind and accounted for a revenue share of over 76% in Location: State Tower, 90 State Street, SuiteAlbany, This is an ideal target market for airlines, as they provide a long-term customer base. Of course, the difficulty with this market segment is attracting them in the first place they are far less willing to switch between airline brands.

Target market of air asia
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YeAh 10o: Task 7: Characteristic of the AirAsia's target market