Uincefs tap project

These two "problems" are the frivolous, stupid musings of a privileged, white American college student who has no immediate worries in life.

In Marchthe extended basic engineering for the pipeline was completed. We have to see these things as the gritty and often nearly hopeless issues that they are. An example of a celebrity advocate was Selena Gomez.

By posting this seen below Selena Gomez became a brand advocate, whether she may know it or not. For me it worked because it was such a novel idea. The text on the site is simple and to the point. The angle that the advertising agency took to market this project was to encourage people to donate a dollar to help provide those in dire need the tap water that is given to us for free.

I like that this is displayed prominently as I have visited some non-profits sites where I had to click around the website for a while before finding the donate button. ON becomes a partner in the project.

Get people to donate money to UNICEF in support of one of their mission to provide global access to clean and safe water. On 28 SeptemberAlbania, Greece and Italy confirmed their political support for the pipeline by signing a memorandum of understanding. For a program that aims to deliver clean water to developing countries, it sure does have a fixation with high end cologne.

What we currently lack and what things like this are impeding the progress of is a long term solution to the problem. But we have to stop looking at problems as social media trends that can be solved with the touch of a button and before breakfast.

The stats page is also animated and creates a real time effect as information is displayed about the challenge. Why I think I worked The campaign garnered much attention on social media and a record million minutes gone without the use of cell phones. The feasibility study was concluded in March By having all participants tweet out their participation in the Tap Project they were able to have trusted brand advocates all over the globe.


I believe that my generation, while lazy and often stupid, truly wants to make a good difference in the world. There have to be massive shifts in how we as a country deal with developing countries and their denizens.

This uberly successful integrative campaign taught me the power of good content, given to the right people and places, on social media.

I could see how much online activity e. There are onscreen instructions, which tell the user what to do. But, unfortunately for hundreds of millions of people around the world, this is not a common trait. This not charity; it is an exchange being made between you and a company. For every 10 minutes with their phones left untouched, UNICEF sponsors donated the monetary equivalent of one day of water to help children in need.

The Impact The project gained traction and participation was high, especially around the World Water week and during the duration of the time donations. The Tap Project was created in by the Droga5 ad agency. Website Responsiveness This has become an all-important quality for any new media focused website to have.

They are, after all, a business whose primary concern is generating profits. These celebrities have millions of followers and very devoted fans, so their involvement was very he lpful to the campaign.

There is also nothing wrong with being aware of an issue. There is also displayed on the home page the URL where users can take the challenge on their cell phones.

UNICEF asked followers to sacrifice time on their phone to provide clean water for someone in need for a day. These features will ensure additional energy security for the Southeastern Europe.

Unicef Tap Project (Media & Strategy Analysis)

Overall, the project garnered over 2. That is the plight of millions of citizens around the world in their pursuit of clean water. UNICEF Tap Project. Today, nearly three-quarters of a billion people in the world do not have reliable access to safe water.

UNICEF increases access to safe water for more children and families by. The UNICEF Tap Project launched in with a one-day pilot in New York City restaurants, where diners donated $1 for the tap water they usually enjoyed for free to support UNICEF water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) programs. A Content Analysis of the Persuasive Techniques of UNICEF’s Tap Project _____ Presented to the Faculty of Liberty University UNICEF, Tap Project, cause related campaigns, social marketing, Facets of “The Tap Project” was created in and was.

With a simple turn of the tap, we shower, bathe, quench our thirst, cook our food and keep everything clean. But for far too many girls and women, water is a lifelong burden. Girls and women around the world spend million hours a day gathering water.

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP; Albanian: Gazsjellësi Trans-Adriatik, Azerbaijani: Trans Adriatik Boru Xətti Greek: Διαδριατικός Αγωγός Φυσικού Αερίου, Italian: Gasdotto Trans-Adriatico) is a pipeline project to transport natural gas, starting from Greece via Albania and the Adriatic Sea to Italy and further to Western Europe.

UNICEF is working to help meet the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by half the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe water and basic sanitation by Coordinated by the US Fund for UNICEF, the Tap Project is part of this global effort.

Uincefs tap project
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